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For over 50 years, this outstanding Association, through volunteer efforts, has continually promoted the development and refinement of the Fox Trotting breed of horse. Today, there are over 98,000 registered Missouri Fox Trotters around the world, and over 6,500 members of the Association.

From the beginning in 1948, the Association has been promoting the breed as a "Horse for All Ages". Today, about 90 percent of registered Fox Trotters are used for family pleasure riding. As a result, the Missouri Fox Trotter has become on of America's most popular breeds. This popularity has been made possible by the efforts of many, many people who have volunteered literally hundreds and hundreds of hours in promoting the Missouri Fox Trotter.

To honor the volunteer efforts of many of the individuals who have tirelessly worked to promote the breed, the Board of Directors of the MFTHBA, which includes a president, vice-president, a secretary-treasurer and seven elected members, has established a "Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association Hall of Fame".

Listed below are the inductees of the Hall of Fame, started in 1998 with the 50th Annual Show and Celebration.

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Names of Deceased Honorees at Time of Induction:

1998 Inductees

Paul Comer
Cal S. Neiman
Eugene White
0. F. 'Fern' Nichols
Dale Wood
W. Ray Cannon
Joe Hinds
Ralph Hawkins
Ovle House
Paul David
Gorman E. Dye, Sr.
Ranse Gaston
Ralph Kerr
Ernest Uhlmann
Homer D. Harley
Everett L. Hesterlee
Claude H. Hibbard
J. Bernie Lewis
Clyde E. Norman
Granville R. Prock
John L. Dunn
Earl R. McCoy

1999 Inductees

Deryl Caswell
Virginia Day
Parlie Edge

2002 Inductees

Charlotte Dampier

2008 Inductees

Kerry Baker

2009 Inductees

Carl Piper

2013 Inductees

Patty Donley

Names Of Living Honorees at Time of Induction:

1998 Inductees

Don B. Freeman
Lawrence Barnes
Paul Thompson
Dale Esther
Everett Bucy
Kenneth Morrison
John Evans
Trellis Dewhirst
Rex Barham
Florine Barham
Don Crawford
Rondo Prock

1999 Inductees

Dean Esther
Helen Edge-Pilger

2000 Inductees

Roy Brown
Jerry Middleton
Bill Sanders

2001 Inductees

Freda Beisner
Sammie Blevins
Mylo T. Brown
Johnny McBride

2002 Inductees

Paul Senteney
Keith Mizer

2003 Inductees

Curtice Williams
John Juette
Bill Roark
Ed Baker

2004 Inductees

Bill Free
Elmo Rosa
Sarah Williams
Quentin Middleton
Ernie Long

2005 Inductees

Bob Crafton
Gary McCrackin
Irvin Mackie

2006 Inductees

Charles Hightower
Don Letterman
Keith Robbins
Dwight Sutherland

2007 Inductees

Sally Scott
Bob Bird
Junior Nimmo

2008 Inductees

Foyd Hurst

2009 Inductees

Tom Senter
Wayne Jones
Carl Piper

2009 Equine Inductees

Golden Governor F-107
Lady Anne F-2555

2010 Inductees

J. Darrell Strain
Jerry Jackson

2012 Inductees
Dwight Hart
JoAnn Alford
Glen Campbell
Missouri's Anne Rue
Hickory's Country Gold WH
2013 Inductees
Junoir Combs
Zane Grey
Missouri Traveler E.

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