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My normal handle is “Susan Fxtrt” or” Susan FoxTrotter”.  I live in the Versatility World which includes the Ranch Horse World too.  I grew up  starting at age 48 in the “world of natural horsemanship” with a yearling and a two year old. All I can say is thank goodness I picked the Missouri Fox Trotter,a very special trainer (Jennifer Vaught) and a method of educating humans (predators) to understand horses (prey animals).  I’m much older now and still grateful to be riding Missouri Fox Trotters.

Here’s the real Show Program. This is the first year where those of you at home can enjoy it as much as we do at the Celebration!

I love Versatility Events because the show classes requires advanced training that combines Dressage, Extreme Trail and Reining tasks.  Dressage is a word that means advanced training. Every step the horse takes is at the direction of the rider.  In the Versatility Arena, every gait, every step the horse takes is under the control of the rider.  Our horses have to do gait transitions from trail walk, flat foot walk, fox trot and canter at specific marked spots. They have to back within tight boundaries, sidepass, turn on the hind quarters and forequarters.  They have to go from stop to canter. They have to spin and slide to a stop.  They have to cut cows and let their rider rope cows.   Of course, this is in a perfect world. We do have nearly perfect riders and horses that actually can do all these things. You can watch them in the great variety of events in the Versatility Arena this year.  Or you can listen to me drivel on and on how wonderful these riders are for the entire Celebration Show Week!

I love to practice and develop a horse to respond to my every “ask”.  The horse I was going to take to the Celebration decided to be a longer project than than this year.  I borrowed this horse, ended up loving him and bought him.  I am now owned by around seven horses.  His is another story told in my personal  blog. ( )

I have three horses competing in the World Celebration.  Of course they are all the most special horses ever.  The inside cover of the Show Program includes pictures of both Velvet and Nova with Tony and Jennifer Vaught and Nichole Copple.

 Powder will be making her first trip to the World Celebration with Tony Vaught.  I lost my mind when I named her JJ’s Platinum Champagne Doll.  That’s way too many words on an entry form and the announcer stumbles over Platinum and Champagne words right next to one another.  She is cream color with gold palomino highlights under the cream.  Her eyes are green/hazel and she has permanent eye liner.  Her white mane is thick and curly.  Think Barbie-Doll horse!  She is built like a tank, refined cute head and beautiful to behold.  Powder will be in a few classes in the Open Versatility Events on Tuesday.  Her big day is Wednesday in the 3 Year Old Boss Man Versatility Futurity.  Thank you Harry Patterson of the 4P’s Ranch for sponsoring this great competition.  Let the games begin!

Toddy’s Velvet Perfect is now a young exuberant 19 year old horse.  Working cows has made Velvet enthusiastic.  Nichole Copple will be riding Velvet in everything Youth in the Versatility arena plus more.  Velvet and Nichole love to jump things too which is  Hunter Hack. The Youth Events are on Sunday, Monday (the Holiday),  Ranch Horse Thursday and Friday.  Team Nichole -Velvet are  formidable.

Nova will be ridden by Tony Vaught in the Open Ranch Horse Events and by Jennifer Vaught in the Open Versatility Events.  Nova has one class on Monday and then it’s full steam ahead Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  I will be exhausted watching her.

I have two former horses coming to the Celebration also.  Whirldwind’s Golden Tenor will be competing with Stefany Hack from Florida. Tenor’s owner is Kevin James from Florida. Tenor chose Kevin to be his owner one day when the James came to Missouri to visit.   Virginia James from Florida owns Sunny.  Sunny will be ridden by Paul Hack from Florida.  I’ve never owned Sunny, but I feel like he’s part of my family.  I also used to own Jim’s Last Request, AKA, JR.  Jennifer Vaught will be riding him in the Ranch Horse events and his new owner, Apryl Ballard, might be riding him in the Novice events or even amature events.

Apryl and I get to stay in Ava RV heaven which is barn 17 – Craig Dansie’s ( stalls. Thank you Craig for giving up this stall parking space again and for letting me use your wonderful stalls again!  I’ll be cheering for you and your horses in the performance arena!
Editor’s Note:  I am older than Craig,but much cuter!

We have eight horses competing in all the versatility events!  Good GAD!

I don’t have to do any real work, my role is cheerleader, horse holder, and emitting pure unrelenting joy!

Throughout the years since I was 48 and started my horse journey, I’ve been writing stories. Deina Wilson, extraodinary web site designer and webmistress of,   asked me to contribute stories to her web site.  I wrote a lot of stories and almost all of them are funny, laugh out-loud funny.  The advice I get from a lot of people is, “Susan, you should write a book.”   I took all the stories, added more, plumped up the stories, added more and have just published my first book!  It’s about my life as a Seasoned Curvy Cowgirl from KerSplat to Bridleless. Search for Susan FoxTrotter in Amazon.  If you are at the Celebration, I will sign the book for you. We are having an author’s book signing event on the last Saturday starting at 1:00.  My favorite author, Nadine Moeller will be there with her Fox Trot Trackings and Fox Trot Trackings Too.  I just started rereading” Too” and am loving it all over again.  I’m going to get Nadine to sign my book!

natter natter natter…I can go on forever.  I’m coming on Saturday, 9/1/2012!  Yee Haw!

One night this week, I’ll be” enhancing” my red hair.  Just look for the flame setting the World Celebration on Fire!


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