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MFTHBA is a world-wide group of Fox Trotter horse owners and enthusiasts.

Our mission is to promote the improvement, use, exhibition and enjoyment of the breed.

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The MFTHBA is a great resource for owners and fans of the Missouri Fox Trotter. Our entire family has benefited from the friends we've made here! Mr. John Talarico

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Whether you're just visiting or have been a long-standing member, we'd like the thank you for stopping by the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association web site!

On this site, you find everything you need to know about this unique breed -- from its origins and history to its unique gait and standards. The MFTHBA is dedicated to promoting the breed and bringing together Fox Trotter owners and enthusiasts from all over the world. By joining the MFTHBA, you'll be invited to exclusive trail rides, horse shows and events where you'll make friendships that last a lifetime. Contact us if there is anything we can help you with! Read More
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MFTHBA Announces Advertising Rates for Show and Celebration Catalog

Each year the MFTHBA produces the annual Show and Celebration Catalog.  The yearbook for the association, this beautiful full color publication is distributed to all MFTHBA members.  The Show and Celebration Catalog offers a perfect place to advertise your stallion, horses for sale or just document the accomplishment of your Missouri Fox Trotter in the show ring, on the trail or open breed competition.  Considered a collector’s item by most MFTHBA members, the catalog helps record the history of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

Rates for the 2015 book have been reduced.  In addition, individuals that purchase more than one full page ad by November 1 will receive a 10 percent discount.

The MFTHBA also reminds World Grand Champion winners from the 2014 Show and Celebration that they may have their color photo included for only $50.

All members and Fox Trotting Horse enthusiasts are encouraged to support this annual publication.  


Nominees For Board of Directors Election Print E-mail
Annual election resulsts will be read at the annual election meeting held October 21st at 6:00 pm in the Hall of Fame Room at the MFTHBA
Larry Day                        111            
Joyce Graening               332
Joe Stewart                    264
Vice President
Debra Levillie                  427
Pam Lynn                       449
Albert Cook                    436
Mark Holifield                 434
Director Region 1
Marie Boyd                      45
Director Region 3
Jarrod O. Freeman           42
Director Region 6
Cecil Huff                        43
Lemuel Berry                   13
Pat Denney                     43
Eddie Moore                    50
Director Region 7
Randall Dennis                14
Chad Hindman                 47
Gordon Thompson           32
Bylaws (A) Yes 632  No 235      
           (B) Yes 675   No 197
Changes Announced to Fall Breeding Date Print E-mail

The Board approved altering the fall breeding date from October 1 to September 1.  Starting with the 2014 foaling season, foals born from September 1 through December 31 are considered to fall in the following year when calculating the horses age.  This provision is for show purposes only and is invalid for the Missouri Fox Trotting Pony Registry.

2013 Celebration Book Print E-mail

The 2013 Celebration Book is online. 

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